My Phonics Flashcards (Read With Biff, Chip, and Kipper)
  • My Phonics Flashcards (Read With Biff, Chip, and Kipper)
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  • Young children learn best when they are having fun, and these playing cards help practise more complex phonics skills by reading words and playing games.

    These games have been written by reading experts to help you support your child's learning in school.

    This set of phonics flashcards will help you support your child to practise recognising the alternative spellings of sounds and how they are blended in words.

    The pack contains 52 two-sided cards. Side one (picture side) shows the letter or letters representing a sound. The reverse side (word only) displays a word with a different sound - with the letter group highlighted. The picture side helps to remind children what they have learnt at school. The word only side is for reinforcement and is used for the games.

    The games will help children to:
    * Learn that one sound can be represented in several ways - e.g. 'ai' as in 'rain', 'make', 'way', 'angel', 'break'.
    * Blend sounds to read words.
    * Develop memory and concentration skills.

    Author:   Laura Sharp (phonics consultant)
    Publisher:   Oxford University Press
    Number of Pages:   
    Age category:   5+
    Size:   132x87mm
    Attributes:   Cards
    ISBN nr.:   9780192734488