Talisman Card Game 3
  • Talisman Card Game 3
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  • Talisman card games will motivate and enthuse older, struggling readers.

    A card game for 2-5 players. The object of the game is to get the players to read each word. It is a 'UNO' style game, where the Talisman card allows a player to change the suit that is to be followed.

    Talisman Card Games are 10 beautifully-illustrated playing card games that offer practice and consolidation for catch-up readers. Linked to the popular quest series, these card games will enthuse and delight older, struggling readers as they learn to read. Starting at CVC word level, the sets introduce consonant digraphs and alternative spellings for vowel sounds. An ideal teaching resource that will re-engage catch-up readers!

    Talisman Card Game 3 is a phonic card game that supports reading ch, tch, sh, th words. Use the magical Talisman card to change the spelling and win the game!

    52 cards - 42 word cards, 8 magical Talisman cards, 2 blank cards for creating additional words.

    Publisher:   Phonic Books Ltd
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    Age category:   8+
    Size:   87mmx56mm
    Attributes:   Boxed Cards
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