A4 Read Write Inc. Speed Sounds Cards - Set 1 (Pack of 5)
  • A4 Read Write Inc. Speed Sounds Cards - Set 1 (Pack of 5)
  • Ref: 9780198467090
  • Price: 184.50 Inc VAT
  • A school pack of 5 x A4 Speed Sounds Cards - Set 1

    The high quality and durable A4 version of the Speed Sounds Cards are perfect for whole class teaching of the sounds and graphemes. Each card introduces a different sound and has a mnemonic to help your children remember it. The large A4 cards are ideal for teaching larger groups or whole classes.

    The Set 1 letter sounds include the following 31 letters and letter-groups:

    m - a - s - d - t - i - n - p - g - o - c - k - u - b - f - e - l - h - sh - r - j - v - y - w - th - z - ch - qu - x - ng - nk

    Each card has a picture on one side merged with its initial letter to teach the mnemonic. Notes are included to indicate which letter sounds are 'bounce' sounds, and which are 'stretch' sounds. There are also instructions on how to hand-write the letter. The back of each card shows the plain letter (or letter group).

    These cards are also available for purchase in individual sets (Ref: 9780198467083)

    Author:   Ruth Miskin
    Publisher:   Oxford University Press
    Number of Pages:   
    Age category:   4+
    Size:   A4
    Attributes:   5 sets of A4 cards
    ISBN nr.:   9780198467090