Amber Guardians Series (10 books) Age 8-14
  • Amber Guardians Series (10 books) Age 8-14
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  • Time is running out. The three friends need to find the three artefacts the sorcerer has stolen and then joins the final battle. Terrifying winged sentries are all around them. Finn sees fear in his friends eyes for the first time. Are the three of them going to be strong enough to defeat the evil sorcerer and his swarm of cruel dark spies? The fate of the world lies in in their hands ....

    Pack of 10 books.

    RRP: £55.00

    Author:   Clair Baker and Drew Wilson
    Publisher:   Phonic Books Ltd
    Number of Pages:   26 Pages
    Age category:   8-14
    Size:   150x210mm
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.: