Base Ten Mini Set
  • Base Ten Mini Set
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  • Colour-coordinated interlocking base ten equipment - great for introducing number bonds.

    These blocks are a great way of helping children visualise numbers when learning basic addition and subtraction.

    It also helps them to practise counting in tens and counting to 100.

    For example, a child could be asked to make a number such as 43. They would need to select 4 tens rods and 3 ones blocks. This makes it very clear to them that a two-digit number it made up of tens and ones.

    Mini Set includes:
    Box marked 1 - 100
    Rod of 10 x 8
    Cube unit/one x 20

    Supplied in a plastic box with lid.

    Warning - small parts - not for children under 3 years

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    Age category:   4+
    Attributes:   Plastic
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