Dandelion Launchers - Units 1-3 (Set of 12 books) 'Sam', 'Tam', 'Tim'
  • Dandelion Launchers - Units 1-3 (Set of 12 books) 'Sam', 'Tam', 'Tim'
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  • These lovely high quality books will give your child the best start in reading and can be used with any phonic programme to give confidence in blending sounds to read words.
    This set includes the first 3 Units of the Dandelion Launchers, with 4 books at each level:

    Unit 1 (4 books) covers s a t i m
    Book 1 - Sam, Tam, Tim
    Book 2 - I am Sam
    Book 3 - Is it Sam?
    Book 4 - On the Mat

    Unit 2 (4 books) covers n o p
    Book 1 - Pam
    Book 2 - The Pot
    Book 3 - A Map
    Book 4 - A Man

    Unit 3 (4 books) covers b c g h
    Book 1 - Bob
    Book 2 - Pip and the Bat
    Book 3 - Sam's Bag
    Book 4 - Pam and the Cat

    Each page has one line of text at CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) level. This is an ideal reading resource for any phonic reading programme including Phase 2 of 'Letters and Sounds'. The text is on cream background to make it user-friendly and each book includes a reading game.

    Dandelion Launchers follow the same progression as the Dandelion Readers. They can be used for very young readers or for readers who need lots of practice at the first stages of reading. For this reason, there is one line of text on each page. The progression in Dandelion Readers is faster. From unit 3 there is more text on each page – two or more lines.

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    Author:   Tamar Reis-Frankfort & Wendy Tweedie
    Publisher:   Phonic Books Ltd
    Number of Pages:   6 per book
    Age category:   4+
    Size:   150x210mm
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.:   Various