Flat Stanley Goes Camping : Reading Ladder Level 2
  • Flat Stanley Goes Camping : Reading Ladder Level 2
  • Ref: 9781405282086
  • Price: 4.20
  • This is a brilliant campfire tale for fans of Flat Stanley. Stanley has promised not to get into trouble on the Lambchop family camping trip, but when you're flat, everything is an adventure. Stanley has to parachute off a mountain, ride the river rapids and escape a smelly skunk!

    Reading Ladder books are the perfect way to develop a love of reading. They feature lively, simple text, full-colour illustrations and speech bubbles to enhance the story.

    Level 2 Reading Ladder titles are perfect for readers who are growing in confidence and are beginning to enjoy longer stories.

    - Clear type
    - Up to 8 lines per page
    - Bright, appealing pictures for added interest
    - A variety of sentence structures
    - A wider range of vocabulary
    - Strong themes and characters to discus

    Published April 2017

    RRP: £4.99

    Author:   Jeff Brown
    Publisher:   Egmont Books
    Number of Pages:   48
    Age category:   5+
    Size:   212x145mm
    Attributes:   Paperback
    ISBN nr.:   9781405282086