Inspire Maths - At Home (age 5+)

Inspire Maths - overview

Inspire Maths is based on the Singapore approach to teaching and learning mathematics. It makes maths fun through the use of engaging illustrations and games to reinforce and consolidate learning.

Over a third of parents admit to finding it difficult to help with their child's maths homework - these hiqh quality books will enable you to keep one step ahead by helping you to understand the maths concepts that your child will cover during the first two years at school, enabling you to support them with confidence.

Ideal for maths tutoring or for parents to use to help children at home, these books are designed to provide a firm foundation in maths and to help children develop creative and critical thinking skills to become fluent problem solvers.

In this section, we have also included resources that are particularly useful for helping children understand the concepts covered in the Inspire Maths programme.