Ladybird I'm Ready for Phonics: Phoneme Flashcards
  • Ladybird I'm Ready for Phonics: Phoneme Flashcards
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    These useful flashcards are ideal for supporting a child learning to read with synthetic phonics.

    The pack contains all the 44 key sounds (phonemes) in the English language - perfect for helping children practise the synthetic phonics skills taught in school during Reception and Year 1.

    Each individual card contains one phoneme. Let your child say the phoneme, and then turn the card over to see an example of that sound in a word, with a clear, colourful illustration of that word.

    If your child has difficulty reading the word, look at the sound buttons underneath. These show how many different sounds make up that word, and will help your child to blend them together.

    Some phonemes can be spelt in different ways. For example, /c/, /k/ and /ck/ are different graphemes (the written representation, or spelling, of phonemes) of the same letter sound. Examples of how they are used in words include: /cat/, /kite/ and /lock/. The most common graphemes are also included in the pack, so that some sounds are taught more than once in different guises.

    They can be used effectively to support any child who is learning to read with phonics. Also contains helpful parent notes and a phonics glossary of all the key terms.

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