Ladybird I'm Ready to Explore My World!
  • Ladybird I'm Ready to Explore My World!
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  • I'm Ready to Explore My World is a lovely first introduction to twenty different countries and cultures around the world, specifically for young children. Easy to dip in and out of, it is packed with fascinating facts for children to explore similarities and differences between themselves and others, and develop key geographical knowledge. Content includes famous landmarks, clothing, national dishes, home and school life, climate, customs, and basic geographical information on location in the world, languages spoken and flag.The countries included in the book are: the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, France, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, China, Australia, Japan, India, Norway, Iceland, Egypt, Russia, Poland, Jamaica and Turkey.Part of Ladybird's successful I'm Ready...series for children starting school and beyond!

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    Number of Pages:   32
    Age category:   4-11
    Size:   211 x 295mm
    ISBN nr.:   9780723295679