Magnetic Synthetic Phonics Teaching Set
  • Magnetic Synthetic Phonics Teaching Set
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  • For use in front of a class or with a group this is an ideal resource to support the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics.

    The green EVA foam lower case letters are fixed to a white magnetic backing to attach to metal whiteboards. The letters are all one colour (green) so that the pupils can concentrate on the letter shapes without being distracted by different colours.

    The single letters and joined combinations are in Sassoon font.

    The 92 piece set consists of the alphabet, 21 additional vowels and consonants, 36 digraphs, 4 trigraphs and the 5 split vowels.The h is 56 mm tall.

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    Size:   Height 40mm - 60mm
    Attributes:   Magnetic Letters (Foam)
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