Moon Dogs Series Set 2
  • Moon Dogs Series Set 2
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  • Price: 15.50
  • Moon Dogs Series Set 2 is a set of 8 books for older 'catch-up' pupils and build on the sounds learnt in Set 1.

    These high quality books have 2 to 3 lines of text to a page to help build confidence in the early stages of reading with phonics.

    Designed to appeal to older reluctant readers with clever, motivating Manga-style illustrations.

    Set 2 Books:
    Book 1 - Hot Sun (cvc words)
    Book 2 - The Old Lamp (vcc, cvcc words)
    Book 3 - The Glum Cat (ccvc words)
    Book 4 - Jed Swims (ccvcc words)
    Book 5 - Chips For Lunch (ch)
    Book 6 - A Wish (sh)
    Book 7 - The Thing On The Path (th, ng)
    Book 8 - Drum Sticks - (ck, qu)

    Author:   Tami Reis-Frankfort and Clare Baker
    Publisher:   Phonic Books Ltd
    Number of Pages:   7 per book
    Age category:   8+
    Size:   150x210mm
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.:   

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