Ragtag Rhymes Set 1 (Single set)
  • Ragtag Rhymes Set 1 (Single set)
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  • Get ready to meet the Nin, Ap-ap, Pim, Dat, Tit-tat-tip and Sid in the first six books of this innovative series of decodable picture books. These engaging stories guaranteed to appeal to children’s natural love of nonsense.

    Using only CVC words, each story is told through a playful interaction of text and images which provides children with a stimulating and rewarding reading experience. Each book focuses on a single initial letter sound and brings the benefits of real picture books to synthetic phonics teaching.

    Simply listening to the stories read aloud, children will enjoy the humour, rhyme and alliteration. Ragtag Rhymes are ideal for shared, guided and individual reading sessions. They are also a useful model for children’s own poetry writing.

    Ragtag Rhymes offer children both real enjoyment and opportunities to develop their confidence as they take their first steps into reading. They can be used with any phonic programme to give confidence in blending sounds to read words.

    Set 1 contains six books :
    The Ap-ap
    The Tit-tat-tip
    The Pim
    The Nin
    The Sid
    The Dat

    RRP £20

    Author:   Debbie Pullinger
    Publisher:   Yellow Door
    Number of Pages:   12 per book
    Age category:   3+
    Size:   210x170mm
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.:   Various