Read Write Inc. Desktop Speed Sounds Chart - Pack of 10
  • Read Write Inc. Desktop Speed Sounds Chart - Pack of 10
  • Ref: 9780198374183
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  • New from July 2016

    Designed for children aged 4 to 6 who are learning to read and write (and struggling readers up to age 9)

    The Desktop Speed Sounds Chart includes the mnemonics from the Read Write Inc. frieze on a double-sided A4 sheet for each child to use as a reference when they are learning the sounds. One side shows all of the Set 1 sounds and the other side shows the Set 2 and 3 sounds

    Key features include:

    * Short phrases for the sounds are included to help children remember the sound, for example: ay may I play; a-e make a cake; ai snail in the rain.

    * Perfect for children in Read Write Inc. lessons outside of large classrooms who cannot see the frieze.

    * Detailed lesson plans are provided in Read Write Inc. Phonics Handbook 1 and Read Write Inc. Phonics Online.

    * Comprehensive professional development from Ruth Miskin Training ensures consistent practice across your school.

    Author:   Ruth Miskin - Illustrator Tim Archbold
    Publisher:   Oxford University Press
    Number of Pages:   
    Age category:   4-6
    Size:   297x210mm
    Attributes:   10 sets of A4 desktop cards
    ISBN nr.:   9780198374183