Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Modules 26-33 (School Pack of 10 of each) - New Edition 2017
  • Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Modules 26-33 (School Pack of 10 of each) - New Edition 2017
  • Ref: 9780198398738
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  • This new edition of Read Write Inc. Fresh Start rescues pupils aged 9 and above who are below age-related expectations, using a phonics-based approach.

    The Modules are specially written to help students to catch up on and develop their reading and writing skills.


    * Including step-by-step activities to build skills and confidence
    * Now with grammar activities linked to the National Curriculum and vocabulary activities which are especially helpful for EAL students
    * With engaging age-appropriate texts that are appealing to all students
    * Each Module contains a fiction or non-fiction text and a range of writing and comprehension activities
    * Sounds and graphemes taught during the phonics lessons are reinforced through further practice in the Modules

    Module 26 - New Boy
    Module 27 - Kevin the Killer Hamster
    Module 28 - Il Bello
    Module 29 - Emergency
    Module 30 - Creature
    Module 31 - Macbeth
    Module 32 - The Invisible City
    Module 33 - Penalty for Piracy: Execution

    * Carefully levelled and age-appropriate stories and non-fiction texts
    * Including comprehension questions to check understanding
    * Writing activities linked to texts build your pupils' writing skills
    * Following the simple view of reading

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    Author:   Gill Munton / Ruth Miskin
    Publisher:   Oxford University Press
    Number of Pages:   11 per book
    Age category:   9 - 11
    Size:   A4
    Attributes:   Paperback
    ISBN nr.:   9780198398738