Read Write Inc. Phonics Book Bag Books: Red Ditty Books School Pack of 100
  • Read Write Inc. Phonics Book Bag Books: Red Ditty Books School Pack of 100
  • Ref: 9780198437673
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  • Ten copies of each of ten different fully-illustrated Ditty books, with a strong phonic structure

    Suitable for: Children in Foundation Stage to Year 4 who are working below National Curriculum level 2b

    Read Write Inc. Phonics Book Bag Books are engaging texts to support children with additional reading practice outside the classroom. The books are uniquely matched to the existing Read Write Inc. Phonics Storybooks to reinforce children's learning of phonics at the appropriate level, helping them to make even faster progress in reading.


    * Review of Story Green Words and phonic content from corresponding Read Write Inc. Red Ditty Book
    * Provides practice for children learning the Set 1 sounds
    * Increased opportunities for reading practice, leading to faster progress
    * Thematically linked to Read Write Inc. 'Get Writing' tasks
    * Comprehension activities in each book, including 'Questions to Chat About' and highly visual 'Retell the Story'
    * Supportive notes for parents and carers, including: pre-reading activities, Story Green Words, Red Words, and Vocabulary Check
    * Books contain effective reading activities to support children's reading.
    * They are clearly structured and humorous so that children want to read them again and again.
    * They contain engaging, colour illustrations by Tim Archbold.
    * They are written by experienced children's author Gill Munton.
    * Ditties use natural and fluent language that children have learned to sound out.

    In Read Write Inc. Phonics:
    * Speed sounds cards introduce the 44 sounds and the corresponding graphemes (letters), to enable children to decode words easily.
    * Children work in pairs to practise speaking, listening and spelling.
    * Storybooks provide lots of reading practice. Each set of stories is carefully levelled to ensure children can decode the texts with confidence.
    * Linked writing books at every level reinforce the reading-writing connection.
    * Initial assessment material in the teacher's handbook indicates the best starting place for each child. Continuous assessment is provided throughout the programme.
    * Clear and detailed handbook, with excellent classroom management strategies, provides full support and guidance for implementing Read Write Inc. in the school.

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    Number of Pages:   24
    Age category:   5-7
    ISBN nr.:   9780198437673