Read Write Inc. Progress Books (Mixed Pack of 4)
  • Read Write Inc. Progress Books (Mixed Pack of 4)
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  • The illustrated, levelled Progress Books provide focused practice of reading sounds and words, including nonsense words, matched to a child's reading level. This rigorous practice will help to ensure every child can read by age 6 and that no child slips through the net. They can be used to keep a detailed record of a child's progress through the Read Write Inc. reading programme.

    The Progress Books can be used with a teacher or teaching assistant to provide one-to-one tuition to children who are at risk of falling behind with their reading, or are behind their peers, or are new to a school and need to catch up. They provide a great way of allowing children (and their parents) to track their success!

    The Progress Books can be used in conjunction with the Read Write Inc. One-to-one Phonics Tutoring Professional Development DVD and Handbook which provide clear, straightforward and targeted guidance on how to deliver this one-to-one tuition.

    Progress Book 1 covers: Speed Sounds Set 1, sound blending and the Ditties.
    Progress Book 2 covers: Speed Sounds Set 2, Green and Purple Storybooks.
    Progress Book 3 covers: Speed Sounds Set 3, Pink, Orange and Yellow Storybooks.
    Progress Book 4 covers: Blue and Grey Storybooks.

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    Author:   Ruth Miskin
    Publisher:   Oxford University Press
    Number of Pages:   32
    Age category:   4+
    Size:   255x195mm
    Attributes:   Paperback
    ISBN nr.:   9780198378044