Songbirds Phonics Level 4 Class Pack (36 books, 6 of each title)
  • Songbirds Phonics Level 4 Class Pack (36 books, 6 of each title)
  • Ref: 9780198436492
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  • A school pack of 6 x 6 different titles.

    Stage 4 teaches different spelling patterns for the long vowel sounds 'ee' as in tree, 'oa' as in boat and 'ai' as in train. In addition, the spelling patterns 'wr' and 'kn' are taught:

    QUEEN ANEENA'S FEAST - Fifteen Queens tuck in, but what will Queen Teeny Weeny eat?
    New phonics: ee (as in three), with letter patterns ee, ea, y and e)
    SPIKE SAYS - Spike says he can drive, dive, fight fires and feed wild lions!
    New phonics: ie (as in tie) with letter patterns igh, y, ie, i-e and i
    THE WRONG KIND OF KNIGHT - Nasim likes reading, writing and knitting. Can he fight the dragon?
    New phonics: kn and wr, plus revision of long vowel sounds ee (letter patterns ee, ea, y, e) and ie (letter patterns igh, y, ie, i-e and i)
    MOAN, MOAN, MOAN! - A rhyming story about a moany mum
    New phonics: oa (as in boat) with letter oa, ow, o-e and o
    THE SNAKE AND THE DRAKE - Can Drake play a trick to escape from Snake?
    New phonics: ai (as in train) with letter ai, ay, a-e, a
    TADPOLES - A factual account of how tadpoles turn into frogs.
    Phonics: revision of the long vowel sounds and spelling patterns learnt in the other Stage 4 books.

    Author:   Julia Donaldson
    Publisher:   Oxford University Press
    Number of Pages:   16 per book
    Age category:   5+
    Size:   219x193mm
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.:   9780198388456