Songbirds Phonics Level 6 Class Pack (36 books, 6 of each title)
  • Songbirds Phonics Level 6 Class Pack (36 books, 6 of each title)
  • Ref: 9780198388722
  • Price: 189.00
  • A school pack of 6 x 6 different titles.

    Stages 5 and 6 teach the different spelling patterns for the long vowel sounds 'oo' as in moon, 'ow' as in down, 'oi' as in coin and soft 'c' as in dice, 'air' as in hair, and soft 'g' as in giant:

    TARA'S PARTY - Tara has a party but Martha won’t pass the parcel
    New phonics: ar (as in far)
    PAULA THE VET - A rhyming story about a vet who is getting bored with seeing dogs and cats all morning
    New phonics: au (as in August), with additional letter patterns or (as in thorn), aw (as in paw), ore (as in sore), oor (as in door) aur (as in dinosaur), a (as in all)
    WHERE WERE YOU BERT? - “You’re late, Bert! Where were you?” Bert always has the perfect excuse
    New phonics: ur (as in fur) with additional letter patterns er, ir, ur and ear
    CLARE AND THE FAIR - Two poems. Come to the fair, and meet Clare and her bear
    New phonics: air (as in hair) with additional letter patterns are, ear
    THE DEER AND THE EARWIG - I hear with my little ear . . . A poem and a story
    New phonics: ear (as in near), with additional letter patterns eer, ere
    JACK AND THE GIANTS - A play about a family of giant tourists
    New phonics: ure (as in pure and also as in picture); soft g/dge (as in giant/bridge); ea (as in tread).

    Author:   Julia Donaldson
    Publisher:   Oxford University Press
    Number of Pages:   24 per book
    Age category:   5+
    Size:   219x193mm
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.:   9780198388722