Sound Phonics - Phase One
  • Sound Phonics - Phase One
  • Ref: 9780721711447
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  • Sound Phonics Phase One provides activities to help children develop an awareness of the different sounds in spoken language. From this they will begin to understand that words are made up of different phonemes (sounds) and will gradually learn to hear the different sounds in a word.

    It covers:
    * Developing the child's awareness of environmental sounds
    * Recognising the separate sounds in words (through rhymes, songs and games)
    * Sound discrimination, rhythm, rhyme and alliteration
    * Oral blending and segmenting.
    * Ideas for further listening and sound discrimination activities are provided.

    Provides page-by-page activities for teachers or parents. It does not require the child or the adult to write in or mark the book - it may therefore be reused as often as required.

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    Author:   Carol Matchett
    Publisher:   Schofield & Sims
    Number of Pages:   32
    Age category:   3+
    Size:   A4
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.:   9780721711447