Space Saver : Reading Ladder Level 2
  • Space Saver : Reading Ladder Level 2
  • Ref: 9781405282130
  • Price: 4.20
  • A great space-age adventure on the far side of the moon from from Kate Agnew for Egmont's Reading Ladder Level 2 series. Things are going badly at Mission Control. On the far side of the moon, a wheel has fallen off the spy-camera's Moon Buggy and the astronauts can't fix it.

    It's up to Ben to blast into space and save the day!

    Reading Ladder Level 2 are simple stories for children learning to read, suitable for NC Level 2 readers. They are carefully designed educational books for children, supporting their understanding of how to read and develop vocabulary. Reading Ladder Level 2 uses speech bubbles to aid understanding of dialogue and the text encourages children to explore the feelings of characters.

    Level 2 Reading Ladder titles are perfect for readers who are growing in confidence and are beginning to enjoy longer stories.

    - Clear type
    - Up to 8 lines per page
    - Bright, appealing pictures for added interest
    - A variety of sentence structures
    - A wider range of vocabulary
    - Strong themes and characters to discuss

    Published April 2016

    RRP £4.99

    Author:   Kate Agnew
    Publisher:   Egmont Books
    Number of Pages:   48
    Age category:   5+
    Size:   212x145mm
    Attributes:   Paperback
    ISBN nr.:   9781405282130