The Phonics Handbook
  • The Phonics Handbook
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  • Designed for use in schools, the best place to start with Jolly Phonics is The Phonics Handbook which provides a complete resource for teaching reading, writing and spelling.

    With over 200 photocopiable pages, this latest edition of The Phonics Handbook introduces the 42 main letter sounds followed by activity sheets and games for reading and spelling. Children can be taken from recognising the sounds of English, to blending the sounds to read words, and to identifying the sounds in words so they can become good spellers.

    There is step-by-step guidance and extensive photocopiable material. This edition includes updated Sound Sheets and lesson notes, new Sound Sheets for the alternative spellings, new sections on guided writing and reading comprehension and a comprehensive timetable for the teaching year.

    This Handbook is included in the Jolly Phonics Starter Kit along with other resources for use in a classroom setting (see additional items for schools section).

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    Author:   Sue Lloyd
    Publisher:   Jolly Learning
    Number of Pages:   218
    Age category:   
    Size:   A4
    Attributes:   Softback, spiral bound
    ISBN nr.:   9781870946070